Aggregate Spend Compliance for Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Biotech Companies

Is your company meeting the demands of aggregate spend compliance?

S3 Comply assures accurate data and reduces costs

Do your employees know what qualifies as aggregate spend?

S3 Comply assures accurate data and reduces costs

Are you efficiently collecting all internal and third-party spend data?

S3 Comply assures accurate data and reduces costs

How would your company perform if it were audited for aggregate spend?

S3 Comply assures accurate data and reduces costs

Taming the Chaos of Aggregate Spend

The burden of Aggregate Spend data can be overwhelming. The stakes of accuracy and compliance are high.

We strive to be everyday heroes to our clients by eliminating those burdens, so that our clients in turn, can be heroes for their organization with timely and accurate data – ensuring compliance and protecting corporate reputation.

Real Stories. Real World.

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It’s Open Spend Reporting Dispute Season! Learn More about What We Do – and WHY

It’s that time of year again in the aggregate spend compliance world! The time that reminds everyone involved with aggregate spend data of the importance of proactivity in ensuring data is accurate and complete. On April 1, the window opened for Open Spend Reporting disputes, and HCPs and HCOs have 45 days to review and dispute data prior to publication of data June 30. (The pharmaceutical company then has an additional 15 days to fix any disputed records.)

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S3 Comply Success Story - Aggregate Spend
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Complete Aggregate Spend Solutions

We excel at transforming a client’s overwhelming flow of aggregate spend data – from its multiple points of origin and formats – into simple, cost-effective solutions that reduce inefficiencies and expenses, boost data accuracy and speed, and ensure full aggregate spend compliance to safeguard corporate reputation.

Leading Experts in Aggregate Spend Compliance

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We understand the challenges and stakes our clients face.

We know how aggregate spend data needs to look and behave for more transparent reporting and actionable decision-making.

Decades of experience helps us customize client solutions with confidence.

A-Team Service

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At S3, you won’t run into tiered service levels like many of the larger firms.

You always get our “A Team” service – every project, every challenge, every day.

“The rules in the HCP HUB are clear and clean, and the system is user-friendly. But the biggest benefit to me is peace of mind. As a CSO, my work will always be highly scrutinized – and the HCP HUB and the support of the S3 Comply team allow me to more easily and more confidently deliver the quality of work my clients demand.”

Jenna Socaciu

Director, Transparency Reporting
at Ashfield (part of UDG Healthcare plc)

Plug in to Our People, Software, Systems and Resources

Aggregate Spend Compliance

  • Meet the demands of aggregate spend compliance with a plan that’s right for your company.
  • Educate employees so they know what qualifies as aggregate spend.
  • Know you have efficient and complete collection of all internal and third party data.
  • Count on our infrastructure, people and systems to handle the most complex situations.
  • Minimize audit risk by knowing your data is accurate and ready for review.