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“Alpha” Partner on HCP HUB Build Shares Insights on Key Success Factors

We understand the challenges and stakes our clients face – but we know we must also fully understand how well the S3 Comply team is doing in terms of helping our clients tackle those challenges. And the best way to do this? We ask!

We recently sat down with one of our favorite people: Jenna Socaciu, Director, Transparency Reporting at Ashfield (part of UDG Healthcare plc) to seek her insights about our partnership. In 2018, Ashfield (with Jenna as our main contact)  served as our HCP HUB “alpha” partner, and because of this close collaboration, Jenna’s insights were – and continue to be – particularly valuable in helping us augment our HCP HUB capabilities and to better understand the benefits our team brings to the table that have the most positive impact on our clients.

S3 COMPLY TEAM: What stands out the most from your earliest interactions with our team?

JENNA: S3 Comply played a big role in a smooth transition for me when I joined Ashfield in 2016. Because S3 Comply had been handling much of the work that I was hired to support, your team had a lot of knowledge at your fingertips – and you shared that with me freely and truly helped me get up to speed quickly.

Those early interactions laid the groundwork for what has been an open, collaborative partnership – and with every challenge and compliance cycle we successfully navigate – we continue to build on it!

S3 COMPLY TEAM: How did your role as our “alpha” partner on the HCP HUB build enhance Ashfield’s user experience with the system?

JENNA: I definitely feel like we helped tailor the system to our unique needs. Your team undertook a pretty comprehensive process flow during the planning to document our “happy path” through our processes in the new system – and expanded the process flow to capture all of the exception conditions that would make the tool even more useful to us. You even coordinated all of the efforts, from parallel processing in the old and new system to the actual cutover – to best suit our fluctuating workload schedule.  

The process was a big undertaking, but the S3 Comply team’s open communication, willingness to listen and respond to our feedback, and your incredible client focus made the project a satisfying experience. And the end result was definitely worth the effort! I can say with confidence that HCP HUB eliminates countless hours (and headaches) from my plate, and it fits my work flow like a glove.

S3 COMPLY TEAM: What are the most valuable benefits of the new HCP HUB?

JENNA: The rules in the new system are much clearer and cleaner, and HCP HUB has smoother functions and is highly user-friendly. The system automatically flags items that we need to investigate, saving tons of manual effort.

But the biggest benefit to me is peace of mind. As a CSO, my work will always be highly scrutinized because the stakes are very high. It’s my top priority to ensure Ashfield is providing compliant, transparent, and accurate data – and the HCP HUB and the support of the S3 Comply team allow me to more easily and more confidently deliver the quality of work my clients demand.

S3 COMPLY TEAM: What do you like best about working with the S3 Comply team?

JENNA: Excellent communication definitely tops the list! There’s a constant flow of 2-way dialogue; the S3 Comply team quickly provides any information we need, and you’ve always been 100% receptive to any feedback we’ve shared. As an example, we were amazed that you granted not only our “need to have” items in the new HCP HUB system, but also our “nice to have” suggestions. I can’t imagine that many partners in this space would be willing to be that flexible with their offerings.

Which leads me to another favorite aspect of working with S3 Comply: the client focus. I know we’re not the biggest of S3 Comply’s clients, but we always receive top-tier service. I’ve never felt put on the back burner, and the team’s level of responsiveness is much appreciated – especially when both Ashfield and our own clients are facing tight timelines.

S3 COMPLY TEAM: What advice would you give for someone looking for an aggregate spend compliance reporting partner?

JENNA: From my reporting experience, I would definitely suggest finding a partner or system with a strong HCP data connection. And as mentioned, I find a high level of value in a system that can flag issues based on unique rules – and I can’t imagine ever not having that ability after using HCP HUB.

And perhaps most importantly, I would encourage partner-seekers to insist on great customer service. Between last-minute data flowing in and aggressive deadlines, you need a partner who understands the urgency. The S3 Comply team has helped us through many tricky time crunches, and while the big craziness is limited to certain parts of the year, it’s critical to know that we’ll be able to get the support we need – when and where we need it.


A big thank you to Jenna and the Ashfield team for their partnership over the years – including their incredible insights on the HCP HUB build and user experience! Your feedback has definitely helped us better understand the benefits our clients find the most valuable – AND keeps our eyes open to ways we can do even more to solve challenges and meet unique needs.

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