HCPHUB Software

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Our software and technology are purpose-designed for biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical spend.

S3 Comply proprietary software, HCPHUB, was built from the ground-up for accuracy in aggregate spend reporting. Our dedicated team brings deep knowledge about what regulations require and the interconnectivity of departments, as well as third-party vendors. For other companies this can be challenging. For us aggregate spend compliance solutions are what we do and only what we do.

Save Time & Reduce Costs for Aggregate Spend

Identify and Eliminate Duplication

Minimize Manual Entry of Data

Reduce Turnaround of Accurate Reports

Real Time Reporting

Protect Personally Identifiable Information

S3 Comply Software handles everything you need for efficient and accurate aggregate spend reporting:

  • APIs to most major expense reporting software, including third party spend data, an area often overlooked by more generalist solutions
  • Attendee data, including HCP information and addresses
  • Built-in data validation against CMS and other data repositories
  • Standard and customized reports
  • Year-end reconciliation/summary
  • Updates for changes in federal, state, and European regulations

Accuracy and Adaptability

We built our technology to provide accuracy. That doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated to use. HCPHUB is intuitive with easy-to-use-screens. And because it was purpose-built for aggregate spend compliance, we built in flexibility. HCPHUB adapts to working with the expense reporting software you use internally as well as that used by your third party vendors and other relationships.

HCPHUB provides value across departments

Minimizes duplication by pulling data from all major existing expense reporting and CMS systems. Reduces the time sales personnel spend on compliance.


Reduces the manual effort and time required by your third parties and HCP’s to provide details for submissions. Streamline gathering, consolidation and quality control.

Lowers the cost of compliance for routine and ad hoc reporting. Improves report timeliness.

Legal & Compliance
Provides confidence that the data your company is reporting for both routine and ad-hoc requests is accurate. Provides traceability back to a payment source record.

Frees up time to concentrate on other areas, such as sales and relationship management, especially with time consuming special requests.

Third Party Vendors
Eliminates manual data entry across systems, and permits rapid and accurate exchange of information between reporting agencies and their vendors.

HCPHUB brings all of your data sources together

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Collecting aggregate spend data is complex. You need to pull from a number of departments, each with their own systems. S3 Comply is a single platform to collect data, reconcile reports, and communicate with:

  • Health Care Professionals (HCP)
  • 3rd Party Vendors (CRO’s and Meeting Management Groups)
  • State and Government Agencies
  • Regulatory and Public Interest Groups
  • University, Hospitals, and Research Organizations
  • Internal Departments