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Solving a Transfer of Value Mystery: The Curious Case of the Two Doctors

It doesn’t take long for our prospective clients to realize that the S3 Comply team is detail-obsessed when it comes to solving tedious challenges. The kind of people who enjoy untangling Christmas tree lights – or who color-coordinate the clothes in their closets. ­­­

But, what we MOST want our prospective and newest clients to understand is that our detail-obsessed promise means we are tenacious when it comes to delivering organized, compliant, fully-investigated aggregate spend data.

As with most things in life, an example goes a long way in showcasing commitment – so here’s one of our favorite stories of tangled data…

The mystery begins… A while back, we were compiling In-Kind Transfer of Value (ToV) data regarding a conference sponsored by our client to spotlight one of their products to health care practitioners treating acute and chronic pain. The data included catered meal costs, a reporting requirement for the client.

In a situation like this, we calculate the In-Kind amount based on the banquet cost of the food divided by the total number of attendees at the conference to derive a per-person ToV cost. Prior to the conference, each attendee provided demographic information, such as their name, address, and NPI number. As we were reviewing the data, we noticed that for one attending doctor, his name, address, and NPI didn’t result in a “match” in the NPI Registry.

We went digging… This is where other vendors would typically reject the entry and toss it back to the client, but our S3 Comply “detectives” thrive on these mysteries. So, we started digging! Here’s what we found…

The NPI number provided matched a female doctor with the same last name. And the address turned out to be a residence vs. a practice address – the latter of which was included on the NPI database associated with the female doctor.

From there, we tapped on our Google skills, and an internet search revealed that the attending doctor and the female doctor in the system are a husband and wife who work at the same practice and live at the same residence. We were able to check with the client to see which of the two attended the conference vs. having to engage in a set of lengthy back-and-forth with the conference reps to understand the mis-match.

(And for those who are interested, it was the husband who attended.) Mystery solved!

To wrap up this Curious Case of the Two Doctors, we recorded the correct NPI in our system, captured the NPI practice address required for reporting, and associated the right person to the In Kind (meal) ToV. As always, every edit to the system was captured by our team and was fully auditable. We also recorded our comments in the system in case someone had a question down the road – for efficiency, clarity, and transparency.

Before we wrap up this article – in the interest of full transparency – we do have to admit that NO ONE likes untangling Christmas tree lights. But, of course, we DO love untangling the ever-present mysteries of aggregate spend data! This takes the drudgery out of the work for our clients, meaning the data only comes back to you when it is complete, accurate, and compliant. Case closed!

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